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Mitumba Consortium Association of Kenya

The association was formed to protect the interests of its members, and to promote and develop the trade in second hand clothing.

The consortium has played a leading role in advocating legislation governing the trade in used clothes, and has worked with government agencies to ensure that regulations are enforced.

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The Quality of Second-Hand Clothes Imported to Kenya and the Associated Environmental Impacts

By Information Research Solutions - Nairobi (September 2023)

The Second-Hand Clothing Industry in the East African Community

By Professor Patrick Diamond (July 2023)

The Global Production Networks Of The Second-Hand Clothing Industry Impact On Africa

By Anuja Prashar, MIRC (April, 2022)

The State of Second-Hand Clothes and Footwear Trade in Kenya

By Kwame Owino, Institute of Economic Affairs (March, 2021)


Teresia Wairimu Njenga

Televangelist & Founder Of
The Synagogue of Hope Church & Ministry


Apostle Rev Teresia Wairimu Njenga is the founder of the Synagogue of Hope Church and ministry in Nairobi. She is a televangelist and also doubles as the Director of Give Hope TV that broadcast across Kenya.

Teresia has been in the Mitumba business for the last 20 Years, where she started off her business with a capital of KShs 3000. Together with her husband they have grown the business to becoming importers of second-hand clothes, importing from Canada, USA, Europe and China.

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