Teresia Wairimu Njenga

Televangelist & Founder Of
The Synagogue of Hope Church & Ministry


Apostle Rev Teresia Wairimu Njenga is the founder of the Synagogue of Hope Church and ministry in Nairobi. She is a televangelist and also doubles as the Director of Give Hope TV that broadcast across Kenya.

Teresia has been in the Mitumba business for the last 20 Years, where she started off her business with a capital of KShs 3000. Together with her husband they have grown the business to becoming importers of second-hand clothes, importing from Canada, USA, Europe and China. Because of her business and leadership acumen, Teresia was selected by her peers to lead and chair the Mitumba Consortium of Kenya which represents over 2 million traders.

In March 2020, the government of Kenya imposed a ban on mitumba trade over misinformation of Covid-19. Teresia led the MCAK team in lobbying for the lifting of the ban. After several meetings with President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang the ban on second hand clothes was lifted in August same year. Teresia was key in developing new import protocols that are used to date in importation of second-hand clothes.

The MCAK has, in an effort to educate and inform the Kenyan public on the economic and social benefits that second-hand clothes has done to Kenya, launched 2 reports over the last three years. Teresiah as the chair was very instrumental in preparation and development of those reports which have widely been covered both in local and international media.